About Us


Norland, Inc., clients use proprietary modeling software to see into the future and make changes today! Successful benefit programs have numerous moving parts, and monitoring them all is our specialty. Recommendations are made to reach short and long-term goals without compromising the integrity of the benefits program or outcomes for program participants.

How it Works

Our primary focus is success for all the clients we consult. We partner with clients that we can add value to their growth. The process begins with:

  • An interview to understand our clients’ needs
  • We then identify priorities, set goals and timelines, and establish a budget
  • Our team follows through the process only if opportunities for improvement are created
  • The selected clients get a professionally done evaluation of their benefits program
  • We accept less than half of the clients that complete the interview process to pay extra attention to quality and successful results
  • Our clients are encouraged to pay us only after the value of our services is demonstrated
  • We decide the level of involvement based solely on the needs of the client. Not on the opportunities for revenue by the consultant
  • Norland, Inc. simply assists with risk placement or does a full program compliance audit and everything in between